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About Unique European Travel

1987AustriaOur company started in spirit thirty years ago with the “Tale of Two Wanderers”. Throughout the past thirty years our friends were envious of our ability to travel to Europe with no plans or guidance. Before the days of the internet, cell phones, GPS and social media travel advisory sites, we would pick an arrival and departure airport reserve a car and head out on our next month adventure. Over these years we traveled though all of Western, Central and Eastern Europe, visited the famous cities with their magnificent architecture, and  small medieval villages, drove the major highways, national roads, small rural highways and two tracks in search of adventure and knowledge, absorbing the culture and making friends along the way.

friendsAfter 250,000kn of traveling from Ireland to Bulgaria, and Portugal to Poland, we determined that although Europe contains a great variety of countries with different languages and ethnic backgrounds, each country is unique and yet are similar in many ways due to their culture, heritage and often intertwined histories.

These years of travel were the basis of my book “Europe Unguided”:

During these years of travel our friends would often seek our advice on travel or we would completely plan their European vacation.

When we decided to form our Boutique Company-Unique European Travel in 2008 we wanted to make our tours unique, exceptional, suited for small groups, and personalized. To accomplish this we spent two years traveling throughout Europe, renewing friendships, reviewing destinations, and developing partners who love and have a passion for their country. We still personally inspect and handpick all the properties, venues, and destinations used on all of our small group guided or self-drive itineraries. Our lodgings and venues are not determined by looking through the internet or slick brochures, social media ratings, or FAM trip obligations, but from our personal knowledge and visits, in country partner recommendations, how they expose you to the culture of the region, and how they fit into the design and flow of your proposed travel route.

We and our in-country partners are dedicated to providing our clients with unique high value quality vacations and with an attention to detail we strive to impart our enthusiasm and love of adventure into the planning of every unique, high quality ultimate safe travel experience. Every client or group has their idea of a dream European vacation and our goal is to make those dreams come true.

Let your dreams become our inspiration!

 Our small group guided and self-drive itineraries are known as: *

  • “Castles, Culture and Golf” – vacations that enable golfing and non-golfing couples and friends to travel throughout Europe and create wonderful memories together.
  • “Castles and Culture” travel that features no golf but concentrates on the history architecture, culture, monuments, gastronomy  and art of each country or region.
  • “Championship Golf” – group travel that is designed to maximize the rounds of golf whether it is in one of the traditional “Bucket List” locations, or any other great golfing destinations throughout Europe.

*All itineraries on our site are examples and can be modified to fit the dreams,needs and timing of your group and can be guided or self-drive as desired.

We can also design a “Custom” vacation to any of our featured countries.

  • “Special Golf Events” – travel packages for the Masters, PGA and US Open, the British Open and the Ryder Cup are designed to fit your desires and budget.

For small group guided itineraries, we provide a full time English speaking tour director/guide, a local caring backup team, 24-7 help, and a driver and comfortable private transportation to ensure your travel experience is extraordinary and carefree.

Whatever your choice, our romantic and memorable custom itineraries will take you to special places and let you enjoy unique experiences that will leave you longing to return again and again!

Dan and Janice Krull

Among our favorite places, people and memories:


Shown Above: Loire, Piz Gloria, Lucerne


Shown Above: Morocco, Dubrovnik, Budapest


Shown Above: Berlin, Provence, Poland


Shown Above: Capri, Sirmione, Bratislava